INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group

(DFEG) Meeting

08-10 NOVEMBER, 2022

National Forensic Sciences University Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.
What is


The INTERPOL Innovation Centre (IC) recognizes the importance of providing forums for experts to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and provide an environment to encourage collaboration and the exchange of innovative insights. For this reason, the INTERPOL IC decided to organize annually a global Digital Forensics Expert Group (DFEG) meeting open to practitioners from law enforcement, government agencies, and invited digital forensic companies and academic institutions. The meeting provides a space for networking, sharing experiences, and updates on new technologies and techniques in digital forensics.

Thousands of hours of learning in

one location

Since 2016, the DFEG meeting has become a major forum, attended by hundreds of participants from all over the world and it has been aimed to fulfil three main fundamental objectives:

  • Share and discuss current challenges and best practices for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in the area of digital forensics.
  • Strengthen the network of digital forensic experts in order to create an environment that facilitates expert knowledge sharing
  • Expand participants' knowledge and understanding regarding challenges and best practices of the dynamic field of digital forensics.
November 8-10, 2022
[ 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM ]
Conference Center
[ NFSU, Gandhinagar ]
Keynote Speakers
[ Top-notch experts ]
500 Available Seats
[ Few tickets are left ]
Interpol DFEG



Venue: Auditorium NFSU (apart from hands on exercises & breaks)

09:00 AM
Official welcome and opening addresses

09:20 AM
Introduction of the facilitators of the forum
Program Introduction
House Rules
Icebreaker activity

09:40 AM
Keynote speech

Cooperation in the field of digital forensics


Speakers will present on new major challenges in digital forensics (encryption, cloud forensics, malware forensics, network forensics)

10:00 AM
IoT, Cloud forensics and Decentralized Data

The need for huge amount of data is increasing, thus the need to find a safe and always available place for them. How to deal with IoT devices, cloud storage and decentralized data.

11:00 AM
Coffee break

11:20 AM
Social Media Forensics and ASINT

Most effective tools for conducting digital social media investigations. Methodology and the main techniques and tools for digital social media analysis.

11.40 AM
Frontline Forensics

Access to Digital Evidence instantly while emphasizing the right to privacy for victims

12:00 AM
Forensic Hardware and Software Solutions to Help Accelerate Investigations

As the quantity of digital data is growing almost weekly, we all need that the acquisition imaging process to be fast and for that, we need powerful equipment to acquire, process, and analyze data from various sources.

12:20 PM

Extraction and analysis of video and audio files and their metadata deep fakes and image analysis

Moderators: INTERPOL

02:00 PM
PERITUS – a unified platform for multimedia forensic analysis

The PERITUS software and its functionalities for forensic multimedia examination.

02:20 PM
CCTV Forensics – a case study

02:40 PM
Hands on exercises with Industry's leaders on computer forensics (in different rooms/laboratories)

Participants will be invited to interact with Industry's leaders on digital forensics solutions in order to discuss directly with them on their challenges and difficulties when dealing with their cases.

04:30 PM
Conclusions of the day

05:00 PM
Visit to the National Forensic Sciences University

06:00 PM
Cultural Event
09:00 AM
Opening of the second day and lessons learnt from day one

Icebreaker activities


Focussing on personal computers based on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems digital forensics

09:20 AM
Extracting and analysing data from Windows based personal computers

Tips and tricks on how extract and analyse data from personal computers based on Windows. New features of IPED forensic tool version 4

10:00 AM
Forensic Artifacts for macOS Investigations

Learn about the Apple File System (APFS) and the changes made as part of the update from HFS+, while discussing the best techniques for successfully completing macOS investigations.

10:40 AM
Linux as a tool and as a subject of the investigations

How to utilize Linux OS as tool for forensic investigations and how to analyse it when it’s the subject of the investigation.

11:00 AM
Coffee break

New development in the area of mobile forensics

11:20 AM
Recovering data from Android Second Space

11:40 AM
Overcoming the challenges of Mobile forensics

12:00 PM
Take Your Investigation To The Next Level

12:10 PM
Criminal Investigations with the help of the Dark Web

12:20 PM

02:00 PM
Breakout sessions (Roundtables around different topics in different rooms/laboratories)

Experts and practitioners from academia, law enforcement and private sector will be encouraged to interact and discuss around challenges and new developments in Digital Forensics and to provide feedback to the companies.

Group A: Computer Forensics.
Group B: Mobile Forensics
Group C: Multimedia, IoT and Cloud Forensics

03:30 PM
Optional CTF events: CTF on Digital Forensic and OT Forensic (ICS/SCADA) Organized and moderated by NFSU
04:30 PM
Conclusions of the day
06:00 PM
Networking dinner
09:00 AM
Opening of the third day and lessons learnt from the second day

Icebreaker activities


Digital Forensics environment and existing projects to leverage digital forensics capabilities

09:20 AM
Project LEADER and case studies from beneficiary countries

INTERPOL will present on case studies from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal and Sri Lanka

11:00 AM
Coffee break

11:20 AM
Case studies in the digital forensics

Malicious digital certificates detection: Hacking techniques

Ultra-wideband Geolocation—Investigative and Forensic Considerations Apple Private Relay—The Death of IP Logs

FORMOBILE: Apple Health Data – a study of 5 years of personal data

12:20 PM

02:00 AM
Bringing innovation in the digital forensics

Three speakers from academia and other public organizations will present for 15 min each on their projects about Big data, Encryption and other challenges and will interact for 15 minutes with the participants.

03:00 PM
Emerging technologies and other subbranches of digital forensics

INTERPOL projects on drones and car forensics

03:20 PM
Open discussion around the theme: “Digital Forensics in the Future” Round table with the participants

16:30 PM
Conclusions of the meeting
05:00 PM
Valedictory session
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The DFEG meeting sessions offer an opportunity for professionals in law enforcement, the private sector and academia to highlight pressing challenges and potential solutions for digital forensics investigations.

500 Available Seats

The meeting is aimed at expert practitioners and managers working in the field of digital forensics and is open to law enforcement, government agencies, and invited digital forensic companies and academic institutions

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08-10 NOVEMBER, 2022
NFSU, Sector 9, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.